Hello! I'm Matías.

I write code, and I set things on fire. Really.

About me

Hello, my name is Matias and I'm an IT-addicted polar bear from Buenos Aires, Argentina. With a strong background in software development and reverse-engineering plus a deep interest in all forms of design, helping individuals and businesses finding solutions on time and on budget has been my goal for over 8 years.

My work experience includes developing custom embedded solutions in the gambling field for Hardtronica, creating a licensing system and doing technical support for Data Realms, and creating and maintaining custom firmwares for GSM Service.

As a freelancer, I've done software development, web design, remote support with custom tools and general repairs. I've also written several small utilities [like Teddy, Pick me! and MIDIzzy] which were released over at DonationCoder.com

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Bears are my little open-source side projects.

Multi-Monitor Logon Wallpaper
Spirit Bear
This is an utility for setting multiple logon-screen wallpapers on Windows Vista+
Supports most image formats and features a simple user-interface.