Matías Nahuel Carballo

Bear who writes code


C# Node.JS PHP

C# C++

Cordova Framework Android SDK

HTML5/JS Vue.js

Windows Server GNU/Linux Mikrotik/Ubiquiti Networking

Latest Adventures

2020 - FurOh!One

Created a tool for optimizing web typography focused on load times.

Developed a desktop tool to help users focus on the active task.

Miscellaneous web development and landing page creation.

Created an instant-purchase component for e-commerce websites.

2020 - Mammography Education, Inc.

Developed an e-learning platform for selling pre-recorded and live lectures.

Wrote a custom HTML5 video player to cover specific client needs, like content encryption and multiple language subtitles.

Integrated the system with their pre-existing certificate generation.

Created an automated live webinar environment.

2020 - Pallets Jauregui S.A.

Seamlessly migrated their existing servers to a virtualized environment to simplify management and auditing.

Deployed an Active Directory setup to help HR manage users effectively.

Converted their current desktops to remote terminals to allow for WFH employees.

Defined network management and internal IT policies.

Set up and tested disaster recovery plans.

2019 - Argentina FurFiesta

Back-end design and development for their website.

Developed an attendee registration and management system, including multiple currency support and payment gateways, ticket upgrades and transfers, profile management and badge printing.

Created an electronic wallet system for attendees.

Ran the network (including Intranet and AV streaming) during the event.

2017-2019 - Netbis

Designed and developed a system for funneling leads from multiple sources (live chats, contact forms and manual input) into a low-cost CRM solution.

Defined production pipelines to quickly create landing pages compatible with Google AMP standards.

Adapted several existing services to the AMP platform.

Created a fintech platform for lead funneling and validation against bank and credit score bureaus. Automated the onboarding process with a mobile app. Developed a secure document storage and management solution.

2008-2016 - Hardtrónica

Software protection analysis and development.

Embedded development for copy protection hardware keys.

Wrote several casino games (Slot machines and Roulette tables)

Integrated several bill acceptor protocols into an unified interface.



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